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  • Testing with MyGolfSpy

    March 02, 2018 1 min read

    MGS readers, thanks for continuing to be great supporters of our brand and the growth of the game. We know many of you are interested in applying to the testing thread on and we thought we could lend a bit of clarity to some of the differences in our new models. 

    The new models of MTB BLACK, MTB RED, and our MTB TEST PACK are now fully in stock and available for purchase. Below is some more information and a video from Dean to help you differentiate our new models and what may be the best for you to test and play...

    Keep in mind, there is no perfect answer for this as every golfer has different characteristics of how they hit the ball, spin rates they enact, and the way they approach the golf course. However, a couple keynotes to help you differentiate:

    • Both models will have similar driver spin rates and distances, but the MTB RED will feel a bit firmer off the Driver and longer shots. 
    • The MTB RED is designed to have a higher spin rate on short irons and approaches. This is the key difference in the models. If you feel you need MORE SPIN on these shots, MTB RED would be a good start. 
    • MTB BLACK will have less spin than RED on the short irons and typically will fly a bit lower for a slightly more penetrating ball flight often preferred by better players.
    • Both balls are high performance around the green. From 50 yards and in balls will perform and feel about the same.