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    February 18, 2019 1 min read 7 Comments

    Feedback from our MTB Red:

    Early 2018 we launched two Golf Balls (MTB Black & MTB Red). After launch we began receiving feedback about performance characteristics in the MTB Red that could be improved upon.

    Feedback we gathered:

    • Cover Material and Paint Systems differed from the MTB Black.
    • Some found loss of distance with Driver in comparison to MTB Black.
    • Due to higher spin rates, some thought MTB Red “Ballooned” into the wind.

    Dean and the Team decided it was time to make some upgrades!

    Introducing MTB-X (Faster & Longer)

    The NEW MTB-X features an updated 3-piece construction to further improve performance and feedback on all shots. Composed of a thicker mantle layer and smaller core the MTB-X will offer you a firmer feel and more spin control on mid-irons and approach shots. All while lowering spin and increasing distance off the driver. The soft cast urethane cover technology provides excellent durability and soft feel on short irons and around the green.



    Is MTB-X the ball for you?

    Of course, all suggestion should be determined based off of which characteristics you like in a Golf Ball. See MTB-X Characteristics listed below:

    • 3 Piece
    • 360 Dimple Pattern
    • Cast Urethane Cover
    • Compression 85-90
    • Firm Feel
    • HIGH Iron Spin
    • LOW Driver Spin
    • Low Flight
    • Very long off the Driver

    If I liked MTB Red, Will I like the performance of MTB-X?

    Golf Ball Characteristics MTB-X  MTB Red
    FIRM FEEL = =
    CONTROL IN WIND Better Control



    7 Responses

    Mike Switzer
    Mike Switzer

    August 04, 2020

    I normally play a TP5 for the spin around the green. I have lately played the Pro V1 (since they were a gift) however, I decided to break out my MTB X balls. These balls are legit. I gained an average of 9 yards on all of the clubs played that day. The spin was as good, if not better than the Pro V1. Felt soft throughout the bag, even if it is supposed to be firmer than the MTB Black. I have found my “go to” ball. Thanks Dean!

    Bill Ramsey
    Bill Ramsey

    January 09, 2020

    I’m 54 years old with an 8 handicap andI’m a data guy, so i researched everything and then i purchased the MTB-X. I played 3 different rounds and played the MTB-X head to head against the Pro V1, Bridgestone Tour, and Callaway Chromesoft. I found the feel of the MTB-X was equal to the V1, but longer and straighter. I found the Snell outperformed the Bridgestone and the Callaway to the point that after 9 holes, i quit the trial and played teh MTB-X. Off every club, this ball is very straight and long. For me, I am 10 yards longer off the tee box (my average drive is up to around 270) and the ball sticks to the greens. I like the fact that the MTB-X does not spin too much off the greens, but will hop and stop with any shots with an 8 iron or less. I have tremendous amount of confidence in the consistent yardage and now i am confident hunting flags. My wedges are Ping Glide 3.0 (54 and 58 degree) and i get around 10,000 rpm with this ball. I am a true believer in this ball and I have no desire to change.

    Gijs de Jong
    Gijs de Jong

    August 20, 2019

    Played 3 rounds with the MTB-X, all in different conditions (Hot, Warm high elevation, Cool and very windy low level): I immediately loved the ball. Very good driver distance, pleasant feel of the irons, good distance control of the wedges and control/feel of the putter. In the wind the ball stayed on line and was predicable to play in these conditions I’ve played the MTB-Black last season (was already happy) and I feel this bal is even better for me.

    Ingo Mar
    Ingo Mar

    August 20, 2019

    I having been playing the MTB black for a year and half – great ball – really consistent performance. Thought I would try the MTB-X – well I am not sure what all was done to create the MTB-X or why but bravo – well done. This ball flies off the driver – further than the Black ball and great distance and feel off the irons. Thanks for a great product and great service. 9 handicap – 105 mph driver swing speed

    vinny jackson
    vinny jackson

    August 20, 2019

    I finally was able to play MTB-X. They are now the only golf ball I will play. Played my home course today 9 holes only(started down pouring holeing out at the 9th arghhh),Played from the Back Tees-1st hole a straight 335 yards just in the rough 47 yards to the middle. Ok maybe that was a fluke. 2nd hole 373 bang straight down the middle 101 left. Longest drive 9th 395 right fairway with 87 left. Ok so its long off the tee so.. 3rd hole 155 to middle with carry over water. 8 iron I went a little long( a little thin) still on green with the spin. 7th hole pin up front 192.. went right with 5 iron missed green. High pitch about 4 feet left (about an inch from the pitch mark). So I gained an average about 10-15 yards but with spin i really wanted. I highly recommend.

    Gerry Mcbride
    Gerry Mcbride

    April 26, 2019

    Played MTB X today.. loved the performance off driver and all irons.

    mike blankenhagen
    mike blankenhagen

    April 26, 2019

    I tried the old test pack in early 2018. I like the MTB Reds for it’s explosiveness off my driver and the dart throwing accuracy with my irons. The blacks have more of a tour type flight. With a 9.5 degree driver, it was had to gain altitude. The first time I played a round with reds, I knocked 8 strokes off my score and broke the 80"s. If these MTB-X balls are better, can’t wait. I got to use up my reds first. PS; I out my friends titleist balls all the time. :-)

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