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  • Recommended Golf Ball Fitting

    With today's technology of launch monitors & simulators, there are plenty of options to learn more about your swing speed, spin rates, and launch angles to fully understand your performance.

    However, not all of these equate to the performance you may need on the course and the feel you prefer in a golf ball. My recommendation is to understand your "numbers" but go on-course to see and feel your desired outcomes. 

    Most tour caliber golf balls today are reaching the maximum allowable ball speed limit according to the USGA, so speed and distance are of less concern. But each model differs more for iron play, short game performance, and feel. 


    1.) Play 6 to 9 holes from 150 yards and in.

    2.) Take our golf ball models and hit shots from 150 yards, 100 yards, 70 yards, 30 yards and chips and putts. 

    3.) Look for height of various shots, stop or roll out on irons shots (whichever fit your game), and notice the feel of all of the shots. 

    4.) Take notes on your experience and choose what felt better and what gave you the control you are looking for. 

    5.) Take that back to the tee, and work with adjustable driver/wood technology to get the long game optimized. 

    comparison chart of 2023 snel golf balls, showing distance, spin, flight and feel