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  • Which ball is right for you? 2023 models

    Golf ball fitting should start at your short game, take it from Dean:

    "Today, most golf balls go the same distance off the tee. But they are much different from 100 yards and in. I recommend playing 6 to 9 holes, from 100 yards and in. Take both balls out and hit shots from 100 yards, 70 yards, 30 yards, chips, putts. Choose the ball that your prefer for feel, spin, launch and control. Then take that ball back to the tee, and optimize your driver with todays adjustable technology, and you have a complete tee to green ball fitting. Now enjoy the game."  
    ~ Dean Snell

    Still not sure which ball is right for you?

    A player's golf ball choice can be made based on many factors. Are you a feel player? A low spin player? Do you prefer to hit bump and runs into greens? Below is a brief ball comparison to help with your decision. 

    Don't forget we offer a Test Pack of our 2023 MTB Prime & MTB Prime X models. Two sleeves of each MTB model to help fit your game. The test pack is available here

    If still unsure, feel free to reach out to our team at service@snellgolf.com.

    Comparison chart of the 2023 snell golf ball lineup, comparing distance, spin, feel and flight