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Does temperature affect golf ball performance?

January 09, 2020 2 Comments

Our FAQ series continues with one of the most commonly asked questions during the autumn/winter golf season:

Does temperature affect golf ball performance?

Our own Dean Snell explains how proper storage of your golf balls plays a big factor in performance. A ball that is too cold stiffens the materials of the golf ball and can impact the performance you expect. A few simple tips:

  1. DO NOT store in your car. As temperature in your car or trunk drops, so does the temperature of the ball. 
  2. DO store in your house, office, or temp controlled garage. A ball properly stored will take several hours to become cold and stiffen.
  3. DO consider methods to keep golf balls warm, simply having a few in your pocket can help the temperature of the golf ball from dropping.

Learn more from Dean:

2 Responses


January 09, 2020

I like this guy, keep it simple.

Richard Allen
Richard Allen

January 09, 2020


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