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  • Independent Testing Shows Performance + Value on Snell golf balls

    June 29, 2018 1 min read 3 Comments

    Our team at Snell Golf could rant all day about how much we believe in our product and that we believe we offer a significant value in the golf marketplace. What we enjoy even better is more validation from independent testing showing that we continue to provide exceptional performance while taking it easy on the wallet. 

    Recently we came across testing by the team at TXG Tour Experience Golf and wanted to share: (Hint: ball testing data starts at 7:48)


    Looking for those sweet data charts? We liked them so much we wanted to make it easy for you ;)





    Learn More about our MTB Black & MTB Red models:

    MTB Black -  Our flagship model, our 3 pc. Urethane ball with low driver spin, controlled ball flight and spin for golfers looking for optimal performance, soft feel, and durability.

    MTB Red - Our new 4 pc. Urethane Ball. This new model has an added mantle layer to RAISE spin specifically on approach shots on mid to short irons. This was designed for golfers who may need a higher flight and increased spin to help hold greens. The added layer also adds a bit of a firmer feel on long shots, yet continues MTB's soft feel around the greens.

    Play Well!


    3 Responses

     Rich Reinhofer
    Rich Reinhofer

    December 13, 2018

    I tested the MTB Red today. I usually play the Chrome Soft and have frequently played ProV1.

    The MTB Red outperforms the ProV1 in general. They have the similar length off the tee and on all full swing shots but the MTB Red is superior on short game shots. It’s very similar to the Callaway Hex Chrome, which was the predecessor to the Chrome Soft.

    The Red FLOATS out of green side bunkers. It’s shocking to see how soft they land, it invites aggressive shot making. And pitch shots from tight lies have amazing stopping power. I’m trying the Black next to see if I can get a little more distance off the driver while keeping that greenside behavior

    Bill Corriston
    Bill Corriston

    October 23, 2018

    I’m 76 years old and carry a handicap of 20. I have been using your “Get Sum” yellow balls this summer and really like them. I’m getting 220 yds from my driver (when I make good contact). How does the Get Sum compare to your MTB Black? MTB Red?

    Thanks for making a great ball!

    Tim Buckley
    Tim Buckley

    October 23, 2018

    Being a VIP guy, I think the more you can challenge the “marketing one liners” with truth vs. fiction. The better your product becomes in the eyes of the consumer. Noticed a lot more golf ball commercials than before, so you must be impacting the market place. Stay on course, and will need to order my 6 doz. early next year. In Illinois, the leaves are falling and the days are getting cooler and we are losing daylight. Autumn golf is the best. Thanks again for being you.

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