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  • Misconceptions on golf ball development

    March 27, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

    There are many misconceptions in the golf world, but a oft-asked:

    What aspects of golf ball development and production are most unknown/confusing to the consumer, and deserve clarification?

    This an often requested question to Dean, today we got the answer:

    "I think I have two: #1 - compression. People think they have to play a low compression ball to “compress” the ball - Not true at all every golfer compresses the ball. Compression is a designers tool that helps us understand spin rates and has a small factor in the overall feel of the ball, so don't worry about compression, most balls today have not ratings for a reason: they are not important!"

    "#2 is swing speed. In my opinion players should not choose a ball based on swing speed, if a player picks a lower compression ball based on swing speed, that means he or she is playing a ball that has a lower spin rate. So think about it: you are picking a ball that “may” increase your ball speed by 0.5 mph with a driver, lets say that did happen, that means now your 230 yard drive just went 231 yards. So now you are a whopping one yard longer (maybe) and you have to play the rest of the hole with a ball that is made to have no spin or low spin, and where do you need spin the most?  Around the green! You should play a ball that fits your game around the green, test several models from inside 70 yards, chips, putts, etc. then don't worry about driver. They all go about the same distance today, but you score around the green, choose the ball that fits your game where you play the most. Not off the tee…."

    1 Response

    Larry Kraemer
    Larry Kraemer

    April 16, 2020

    I shot a hole in one yesterday with a brand new Snell mtb-black high letter #8.

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